Warm & Industrial

Mirrors are a really creative piece of decor.  They brighten a room as they radiate light. They enhance interior features and also bring the outdoors inside, when facing a window they mirror the colourful greenery outdoors. Reflecting a fire place on an opposite wall adds a greater sense of warmth. Large mirrors magnify your space.  Mirror Mirror on the wall, can you make my room look Tall!

Wall Art:
Choosing the right Colours can be as important as the pieces we select. Lighter tones add space and light, darker tones can add depth and character.  Smaller rooms can benefit from lighter colour schemes, large rooms generally have more light and can benefit from the use of more bold colour schemes.

Decorative Pieces:
You don’t have to spend a fortune to enhance the features of your home.  The Less is more approach is a good formula, Two little helpful suggestions: Focus on Proportion and Scale. Do accessories relate well to other items in the room and does their size compliment and work with the size of the room and other features in it?

Decorative Metal Wall Art
Wall Hooks
Industrial Style Shelving
Square Pillar Candle Holders
Terrarium/Pillar Candleholders