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Chalk Furniture Paint Colours


Canterbury Blue Paint Size Range –  250ml $26.00, 500ml $36.00, 1 Litre $52.00

To all our lovely DIY’ers 🙂

This incredible range designed to help you save time and money on both up cycling and re loving old furniture that might have seen better days by making available to you an affordable easy to use furniture paint.  EZ2 Paint™ “Easy to Paint” is a water based, chalk style paints that sticks to almost anything and is very easy to use. Yes, it is true you can paint it directly onto high varnish, raw wood, laminate, glass, metal, cane and so much more. You are only limited by your imagination .NO PRE SANDING REQUIRED


Helpful Information:

The 250 ml size is perfect for a chair or bedside drawers or a piece of similar size.

The 500ml can is the most popular size, this will do 2 x dining chairs or a bedside drawer unit. Coverage approx. 6-7sqm.

The 1 litre can is the best value perfect for the bigger jobs, dining setting or large buffet hutch or similar piece. Coverage approx. 16-18 sqm.

Keep in mind that each piece will absorb or require a different amount depending on the surface also how you apply the paint. BUT a little does go a long way.

STEP ONE: Apply a coat of Chalk Furniture Paint using a brush, roller or sponge. Paint in every direction to achieve a textured look or paint in one direction for a smoother more classical finish. Allow the paint to dry completely, you will know its dry when you apply the second coat as the paint will not lift. Dry time usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes but will vary depending on where you live, your climate or if inside or outside plus the volume you apply to piece.

STEP TWO: Now that your first coat is dry you can apply a second coat of paint again you choose the type of application, different directions to build texture and character or in one direction or roller for a smoother finish. Now walk away and let your paint dry properly before you sand, seal and protect.

STEP THREE: Choose your seal and protect your piece. *If waxing your piece you may sand before or after you apply the wax to create a weathered or shabby effect apply your  EZ2 Wax with a quality natural bristle brush or use a clean lint-free cloth. Use a sweeping motion to work the Clear Finishing Wax into the paint. Work in every direction, just as you did with your paint brushstrokes to allow the wax to sink into the open pours of the paint. *If using Protective Top Coat to seal and protect, simply apply with any clean brush or with a lint-free cloth. Wipe off excess liquid to reduce drip marks. Apply 2 coats for extra protection and durability.