Chalk Furniture Paint Wax and Polish


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Choose your seal and protect your piece. *If waxing your piece you may sand before or after you apply the wax to create a weathered or shabby effect apply your Canterbury Blue EZ2 Wax with a quality natural bristle brush or use a clean lint-free cloth. Use a sweeping motion to work the Clear Finishing Wax into the paint. Work in every direction, just as you did with your paint brushstrokes to allow the wax to sink into the open pours of the paint. *If using Canterbury Blue Protective Top Coat to seal and protect, simply apply with any clean brush or with a lint-free cloth. Wipe off excess liquid to reduce drip marks. Apply 2 coats for extra protection and durability.

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Paint Clear Wax, Paint Wax, Top Coat, Liquid Wax


100ml, 300ml, 1 Litre, 1Kg, 100g

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